"Strahd von Zarovich never sparkles." - Tracy Hickman

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Mar 28th There's been a lot of exciting news in Ravenloft lately. Time for some exciting.. olds! It's a classic netbook by our own "Wiccy," Crisis in Hunadora, unearthed and recovered by our agents and now chained safely inside a stone sarcophagus in our Mausoleum.
Mar 22nd The Fraternity of Shadows is proud to invite Chuck Lukacs, illustrator of the Curse of Strahd - Tarokka Deck into our Parlor. Mr. Lukacs graces our crystal ball in an exclusive interview!
Feb 26th The Fraternity of Shadows is proud to invite Christopher Perkins, designer of Curse of Strahd into our Parlor. Mr. Perkins sits down with us among the candle-lit cobwebs for an exclusive interview!
Nov 28th If you thought Ravenloft was savage before, just look at it now! We are proud to host Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Savage World of Ravenloft by Jeremy Puckett, a Ravenloft revamp for the Savage Worlds system.
Oct 31st The Fraternity of Shadows is proud to present Quoth the Raven #22! Many thanks to all our contributors who unearthed these Lost Legacies for your enjoyment.
Oct 27th Jester's Map Gallery now includes Pre-Upheaval versions of the Core, and a special Quoth the Raven 22 preview, an Alternate Core with 100% more Ustalav! (Along with some tweaks to the old Core maps, as well).
Jun 9th Our FAQ gets a much needed update. Have a seat in The Study and peruse it, won't you? (Send any updates, corrections, or suggested questions to submissions@fraternityofshadows.com.)
Jun 5th We present another amazing labor of love from one of our forumdwellers: Band2's incredible, comprehensive Ravenloft NPC and Society Index is now interred in our Mausoleum. alhoon continues his review streak with the novels To Sleep with Evil and Tower of Doom, reviewed in the The Drawing Room. Also, Session 10 of Jennifer's 2nd campaign is added to her journal out on The Veranda.
Apr 25th At long last, our 4th edition reviews get fleshed out a bit thanks to brothersale. Look for reviews of Sunderheart, Graefmotte, Monadhan, History Check: Kas & Venca, The Endless Road, Kalidnay, History Check: Strahd and Van Richten, The Life of Soth, Fair Barovia, Timbergorge, and Histaven in the The Drawing Room, along with GonzoRon's review of The Mark of Nerath. (Special guest, alhoon, chimes in on two of those as well.) Also, two more sessions of JoŽl's campaign, Sessions 59-66, have been lurking unannounced in the The Veranda, until now.
Last Updated: Mar 28th