"Strahd von Zarovich never sparkles." - Tracy Hickman

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Greetings from the Fraternity!

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Oct 31st It wouldn't be Halloween without another Quoth the Raven! Issue 24: Lights in the Darkness is hot off the presses and on our Library shelves. Our deepest thanks go to all of our contributors, as usual. It's dark out there... bring some light!
Jan 30th What better on a chilly night than a chilling tale? The Fraternity is proud to present The Last Walk, a Ravenloft comic by Andrew Jensen, hauntingly illustrated by Wade Vezecha. Now available in our Portrait Hall.
Jan 24th That sneaky JoŽl shelved two new volumes of his Campaign Journal when we weren't looking. Please enjoy Sessions 67-72 and Sessions 73-74 in our Veranda.
Nov 28th It's been exactly a year since the release of Jeremy Puckett's Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Savage World of Ravenloft, so here are three new extensions thereof, on the new Ravenloft Reincarnated shelf of our Library! Please enjoy Jeremy's ruminations on The Black Vault, The Power of the Tarot, and The Amber Wastes Cluster.
Oct 31st The Fraternity of Shadows is proud to present Quoth the Raven #23! Many thanks to all our contributors who explored Barovia (and the lands beyond) in search of new tales of terror in honor of Curse of Strahd.
Jun 17th Yep... I think it's finally stopped moving, so we can put this feisty little thing up on the shelf in the Library. Maybe one more silver bullet, just to be sure.... BANG! ... Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present, the winning entries from our contest, as promised long ago, compiled into our newest netbook: The Darklords of Gothic Earth Eternal, written by the members of the Cafe de Nuit, edited by Rucht Lilavivat and the Fraternity of Shadows. (Perhaps a little splash of holy water so it doesn't get any ideas about running off again...)
Mar 28th There's been a lot of exciting news in Ravenloft lately. Time for some exciting.. olds! It's a classic netbook by our own "Wiccy," Crisis in Hunadora, unearthed and recovered by our agents and now chained safely inside a stone sarcophagus in our Mausoleum.
Mar 22nd The Fraternity of Shadows is proud to invite Chuck Lukacs, illustrator of the Curse of Strahd - Tarokka Deck into our Parlor. Mr. Lukacs graces our crystal ball in an exclusive interview!
Feb 26th The Fraternity of Shadows is proud to invite Christopher Perkins, designer of Curse of Strahd into our Parlor. Mr. Perkins sits down with us among the candle-lit cobwebs for an exclusive interview!
Nov 28th If you thought Ravenloft was savage before, just look at it now! We are proud to host Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Savage World of Ravenloft by Jeremy Puckett, a Ravenloft revamp for the Savage Worlds system.
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