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Welcome to The City of the Departed. These sites may longer be maintained, but we've collected them here, so you can come visit them... forever.

Note: Permission has been granted for the republishing of this material by the original site owners, not the individual authors. If you are an author whose material is republished here and wish for us to remove it, please contact admin@fraternityofshadows.com.
Gryphon Hill

The Mordent Cartographic Society - Beautiful fan-made maps of the Domains of Dread

High-res versions of the Gryphon Hill Core Maps
DM's Version DM's Version - including Non-Canon Players' Version
Alanik Ray's Library

Vast archives of fan created Ravenloft ideas, collected by the Great Detective, lost for many years and now recovered.

Adventure Scenarios Campaign Information Critters of the Mists
Dark Items Kits and Classes Masque of the Red Death
Places Qabals and Sects Rules
Sage Advice Tales Undead
Tales of the House of Lament.
Ben "Ultramyth" Mowbray's Ravenloft Renaissance

The Ravenloft Renaissance - Ravenloft's most advanced domains can also be the most treacherous.

Lost Ravenloft Treasure from the Arthaus Website

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: Unlike the rest of the archives on this page, we do not have permission to share the following document. This file was freely available on Arthaus's website when they held the license for Ravenloft, and was removed soon after the license reverted to Wizards of the Coast. However, repeated inquiries to Wizards and Arthaus requesting permission to host it here have resulted in Wizards saying "ask Arthaus" and Arthaus saying "ask Wizards." So it appears to us that no one seems to know who owns this document, and the result is that fans who heard about it too late to download it legally have had to resort to shady file-sharing sites to find what we lucky few were given by Arthaus for free. Hence, we are offering it a home here, despite our usual copyright policy, as a public service to the Ravenloft community. If asked to remove it, we will, but then at least we will know who is claiming ownership of it and where to direct our request to host it legally. We ask the lawyers from Wizards and/or Arthaus to understand that our only motive in hosting this is for love of the setting and the good of the fans.

Van Richten's Guide to the Mists - The draft version of Arthaus's final, never completed, Ravenloft Product.


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