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In 1999, the Ravenloft Mailinglist held a contest, focused on the then upcoming release of 'Carnival', a Ravenloft accessory written bij John Mangrum and Steve Miller.

The assignment was to write up a creature or person that could be part of the Carnival. Eleven entries were received, each one of them spectaculair and mysterious.

Listed below are the entries, in alphabetic order.
The characters published here remain property of the authors - permission has been granted for publication.

Note: the characters were written before the release of Carnival, and thus little was known about this travelling troup. As such, there is no reference to the Changing, and it might be argued that some evil creatures might not actually be acceptable to Isolde. We leave it up to the game master to solve these inconsistencies.
Also, the original characters were generated for 2nd edition. We have expanded the entries with 3rd edition statistics (to the best of out abilities, some traits were hard to convert). The old stats are also provided, both for reference and copyright reasons.

You can also download the original (2nd edition) entries in one rtf file: (zip archive, 48 Kb).

The Burning Man
By Andrew Cermak

Heinrich The Headless
By Ronald Laufer

The Human Pudding
By Scott Stoecker

The Inverted Man
By Marco A. Torres

Madame Ave
By Cassandra

The Insect Man From Beyond The Stars
By Luis Fernando De Pippo

Sea Legs
By Andrew Hauptman

The Serpent-tounged Man
By James Dalton

The Shadow Singer
By Matthew Barret

The Two-Headed Woman
By Geoff Kimber

Wun Bigeye
By Lord Korath

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