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The map of Armeikos was originally printed in the adventure 'The Ceddar Chest' in the Book of Crypts.
The map shown here is an extension of that map. It adds some parts to the city that were covered by the legend in the original map.

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Available for download is the CD2 source of the map :, CC2-map (349 K)

Armeikos Map


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Assumptions and Added Details

The map in Armeikos was quiet detailed, a bit strange concidering that it was hardly needed for the adventure. There are numerous sites on the map that seem quite promising, such as the strange cluster of towers in the western part of the city.

It is likely that the most western towers were originally part of the city's defense, possibly when the river followed a slightly different (more northern) course. The cluster of towers that nearer to the river seem to be part of a keep, most of which is now in ruins. The owner of the keep is a mystery, as Armeikos does not have a land lord.


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