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This map of Liffe is based on the maps in Domains of Dread, and Realm of Terror.
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Liffe map

Assumptions and Added Details

Most sites on Liffe come from the Book of Crypts. Taking this a bit further, I based the other sites on Liffe also on this adventure module. It is assumed that Liffe is based on Krynn, though there are also references to Oerth and Toril.

To the map I added two villages.
Aferdale is mentioned in the adventure The Rite of Terror. It is surrounded by woods (mostly hunted empty) and rather remote.
The other village is from "Children of the Night: Demons", from the Kargatane website, where it appears in the entry of 'The Straw God'.

Another addition are the names of the small sea east of Liffe, named Sound of Liffe, and the only major river, the Hordung River. These were taken directly from the map of Armeikos in the adventure The Ceddar Chest.



References above are to the reviews page of the Secrets of the Kargatane Site


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