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Lumley House (most likely located in Mordent) has fallen into the possession of the Automatic Man, a formerly autonomous mechanical golem that overcame near destruction and crippling damage through the reconstitution of itself within the technologically advanced infrastructure of the abandon house. While it might be possible to burn down the house without destroying the machine, and while it is possible to destroy the machine without destroying the house, Lumley House and the Automatic Man can easily be mistaken for having become one and the same.

Both are the creations of the deceased mechanical engineer Howard Lumley. His death in 672 BC at the hands of the Automatic Man coincided with its ruin by the frightened local population.

Eighty years later the house remained shunned. Ownership of the property eventually fell into the hands of Howard's great-grandnephew, Oren Lumley, who attempted to take possession of it in 752 BC. He quickly discovered that the locals refused to even approach the house, obliging him to hire a band of adventurers to clear it of any remaining danger.

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