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Of course there are others in the lands of the Mists who inform the people of the dangers inherit in living here... though I wouldn't trust them all. Check your info carefully, for you may be meet with a nasty suprise.

The Secrets of the Kargatane
Formerly the official Ravenloft site, this locale is now closed down, but still holds some documents you migth be interested in. Brose the ruins of the vallakis bookshop. And don't worry too much about the former denizens, we are sure to hear from them again...

The Ravenloft Mailing List Archives
Rumours from around the domains, collected here and searchable by subject and contributor.
This archive contanins all messages from june 1998 and onwards.

Steve Miller's Domain of Fun and Games
A collection of things related to fantasy and fiction, with stories, a messaging board, and various items for use with the 'D20' system (which seems to be some infernal set of rules governing the universe, so ye be warned).
The founder is a former member of the Kargat. Well... we say former. You're never entirely out of their clutches, ofcourse...

Ravenloft : Beyond the Mists
Various bits of Ravenloft lore, forums, references to game master tools, and a new domain called Idiris Tarail. They also invite you to join their game, though it seems to require you to live in a place called "Lancs", which we haven't been able to find on our Corelands map.

George Weathermay's Refuge
Well, I don't know what dark things they say about him in Nova Vaasa - but he is a local hero. Not to mention family of the Heather House nobles. He visits here sometimes, bringing news and stories and poems from far away lands. Why not ask him yourself? I would avoid to mention werewolves, though. He can get a bit...etchy.

The Lonesome Road
An excellent source for background information. This place provides you with the 'Player's Guide' to the various domains we are mapping. Apart from that, they have info about the arcane arts, good and bad folk in our Land of the Mists, and an interesting view on Verbrek and Richemulot (which they call Arkandale and Ricoba)...

The Kargat
Scary folk. The least we say, the better. They might hear you, you know. I should tell ya...
What's that sound? Did you hear something?
No? Hmm.. Maybe it was nothing.
Ehr... well, let me just say that these guys and gals have the power to shape the world, or at least that's how the word goes. Be carefull when you tread in their domain.

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