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New: The Portraits Gallery - starting with the portrait of none other than Azalin Rex!

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Welcome, stranger, at the Mordent Cartographical Society.
Maps it is that we create, and here in our printshop in Mordentshire-at-the-Sea we like to welcome you and give you the opportunity to look around.

Originally our society was based in the great University of Il-Aluk, capital city of Darkon. But alas, that city is no more the center of our scientific universe. A great disaster struck the city, and those remaining have fallen under a bad influence.
Nivert Breesk, whose unresting soul guards the ruins of the University library, has sent us his precious information on the Domains of Dread.
Marcus V. Dianesti, our founder, has not been heared from for quite a while. His last hide out is rumoured to be in the Sleeping Beast mountains in Lamordia.

Luckily, at least a few wanderers still add to our collection. Thank the gods for people like Damien Bloch and Wynne the Wanderer...

Well let's not waste any further time. Pary, let me show you around this place, and inform you of the marvelous lands that make up the domains of dread...

Liederick Meijer,
Proprietor of the Mordentshire Print Shop

What's New ?

February 22
Richard Dumont, one of our top men in the field, long ago sent us the portrait of Azalin Rex (how he obtained it is still a mystery...). We hope to be able to add more updates in the coming weeks (yes it has been quiet, but one has a bussiness to run too. Maps don't grow on trees you know!).

April 19
We cleaned out a few old bookcases, creating a bit of room for a sparkling new map. Visit Edrigan in Dementlieu, penned down by Richard Dumont.

February 1
Updated Richemulot

January 3
Updated the description of Liederick Meijer to 3rd edition.

October 30
While not all our info is finished, we decided to release the first snippets of information that we received about a traveling troup of performers, whose band holds mysterious tales and creatures fantastique.
Visit Carnival!

September 11
Added a map of The New Kingdom of Sunndi, on the World of Greyhawk (no, we don't know where that is either).

August 28
Added the maps for l'Ile de la Tempete and the Isle of Ravens.

August 27
Updated the maps for Liffe and Vechor, and added a draft for The Nightmare Lands.

August 25
We now have separate pages with more detailed maps for Graben island and Todstein.

August 22
A fully revised map of The Nocturnal Sea is now available - and it's to scale, this time. Expect separate sections and updates on the sea's islands soon.

August 12
Updates some campaign information, they're finally current again. Check out Child of Ember, The Unbeating Heart, and How the Wicked Fall.

July 27
We have updated the maps for Mordent and surroundings. This update was a bit overdue. Hope you like the new format.

April 28
Finally another update!
It took some time, but we managed to obtain the city map of Armeikos, the main port of the domain of Liffe (which we updated to our new format).

January 14 (2001)
We are aware that it has been some time since our last update. We are currently re-formatting a number of maps, switching to a standard format (colors, symbol sets, the lot), but it takes more time than anticipated. However, we will make some major updates soon - asside from the maps, we will (very soon) release the (npc) entries in the Ravenloft Mailinglist Contests.
For now, we will try to appease you with an updated map for The House of Gryphon Hill. Expect more soon!

November 1
Ah... we finally heard word of one of our esteemed members. Come and meet Wynne the Wanderer. While we're at it, Wynne has let us know more about his profession. Check out what it means to be a cartographer or a guide in '3rd edition'.

Want to contribute?
Join the al-Kathos project, and submit you ideas on the land that fate forgot...

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