Liederick Meijer

by Gomez

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10th level Human Psion (Nomad), Neutral Good

Strength 11 (+0)
Dexterity 17 (+3)
Constitution 13 (+1)
Intelligence 14 (+2)
Wisdom 15 (+2)
Charisma 12 (+1)
Fortitude Save +4
Reflex Save +6
Will Save +11 (Horror +15)
Speed 40 ft.
Size M
Initiative +3
Armor Class 13 (+3 Dexterity)
Hit Points 38 (10d4+10)
Attack Bonus +5 (+8 in Ranged combat)
Special QualitiesPsionics

Power points : 52
Psionic combat modes :
Ego Whip, Empty Mind, Id insinuation, Intellect Fortress, Mental Barrier, Mind Thrust, Psychic Crush, Thought Shield, Tower of Iron Will
Psionic powers :
Burst, Detect Psionics, Catfall, Far Hand, Far Punch, Inkling, Know Direction, Know Location, Object Reading, Spider Climb, Steadfast Gaze, Body Equilibrium, ClairAudience/ClairVoyance, Levitate, Dimension Slide, Non-detection, Remote Viewing, Aura Sight,Dimension Door, Sending

Skills : Concentration +11, Escape Artist +6, Intuit Direction +15, Jump +3, Knowledge (Geography) +15, Knowledge(Psionics) +12, Listen +5, PsiCraft +8, Profession (Scribe) +8, Remote View +10, Sense Motive +5, Swim +4, Spot +4

Feats : Combat Manifestation*, Hide Power(Auditory)*, Hide Power(Visual)*, Iron Will, Open Mind**, Speed of Thought*

* Feat from The Psionics Handbook
** Feat from Ravenloft Third Edition

Languages : Lamordian*, Mordentish, Darkonese, Balok


Liederick is a tall man in his early thirties, with short dark blond hair, that curls slightly and makes him look younger than he really is. He has deep set, gray eyes, and a narrow, bony face.

He is a conservative dresser, generally giving the impression that he lags behind in fashion for several years. Most of the time he wears simple clothing, covered with a lab coat frequently splattered with ink. When dressing up, he often resorts to a yellow blouse, with a black sleeveless vest and dark brown leather pants. He never wears a hat, but does carry a cane. He also has several garbs tucked away that he wears when traveling to the less civilized domains, including a chainmail vest and a dark brown cloak of elvenkind, a gift from Mason of Har-Thelen in Sithicus.


Liederick’s father was a Lamordian mason, a hard job that did not bring in a whole lot of money. Walter Meijer was a widower, having lost his wife to the Black Plague. He had four sons and three daughters to take care for, something that was more than he could handle. To save himself some of the expenses, Walter had his sons apprenticed in various occupations in Neufurchtenburg. While most of his brothers fared well, Liederick had difficulty with the hard and often boring manual work. He was a dreamer, and after another small mistake in a line of many had him thrown out of the carpenter’s business, Walter despaired. Seeing no way to raise his son to good Lamordian fashion, he send his son off to his sister, Stella Meijer, who had married a farmer in Mordentshire-at-the-sea. Thus, Liederick and his younger sister Mina left for Mordent to live with their aunt when they were ten years old.

In Mordentshire, Liederick was apprenticed to Steve Duncan, a large overweight man who had only recently set up a print shop with his son Eric. Against all expectations, Liederick did well in his new profession. The new technology got his attention, and he was intrigued with the ability to print letters, newspapers and books. In time, Duncan allowed his apprentice to learn how to read. The boy took the new challenge eagerly, and mastered it with great speed. In fact, Duncan was amazed at the ease with which Liederick learned how to read, first in Mordentish, and then mastering the Balok alphabet.

Still, not all was well. While he was load to tell anyone, Liederick saw things other people didn’t. He occasionally had glimpses of a dark brooding house on top of a marshy hill, and in his dreams, he witnessed an older man kill his wife and child. The visions disturbed him greatly, but he dared not talk to it to anyone else. This changed when, one night, he woke screaming from another nightmare, to find himself, not in his own bed, but in the halls of the house he had seen in his dreams. In some inexplicable way, he had been transported to the House on Gryphon Hill, a mansion that was reportedly haunted by the evil ghost of lord Godefroy. As he stood there, paralyzed with fear, an inhuman scream echoed through the halls, while horrible visions welled up in his mind. Utterly terrified, the young man shook off the paralysis, and bolted from the house, dragging himself through the mire of the hill back to the village. Following his instincts, Liederick managed to reach his aunts house without getting lost in the fog and the swamp. It took almost an hour of hammering on the doors of his aunts house before they opened and let him in. He collapsed into their arms, meanwhile only stammering “They ate him! They ate him!”.

This event proved pivotal in Liederick’s life. After short counsel, Liedericks aunt decided that he could not stay in Mordentshire anymore. As she could not send him back to his father either, they followed the advice of Duncan the printer, and sent the young man, then fourteen, on his way to Il Aluk in Darkon, with some money and the advise to seek out the university, who, Duncan was sure, could use a man with the skills and talents like Liederick.

Liederick joined the university’s faculty of Literature, where he studied for two years before he was finally asked to join in the Cartographic Society. By then, months of studying books on psychic phenomena has made liederick realize that he had a unique gift: a talent for psionic powers, especially psychoportive and clairsentient powers. As there were almost no reference material on the use of psionics, Liederick started to develop them by self-made exercises and the assistance of Vobis, a university mage who was interested in his 'gift'. Almost no-one else knew of this, even though most people remarked on young Liederick’s perceptiveness and wit.

For several years, Liederick studied his powers, as well as learning the various languages and scripts used throughout the Core. During the Great Upheaval, at the age of eighteen, he discovered that he could now master a limited form of dimensional travel. He kept the knowledge of this power even closer to his chest.

Eventually, Liederick joined the board of the Cartographic Society, and was given the task of taking the printing of new maps out of the hands of the independent printers and into the hands of the society. The task proved less difficult than he had thought. When looking around for a location, word reached him by letter from his aunt that old Duncan had died in a fire. Duncan’s widow was willing to sell the print shop, as the debts made her son Eric incapable of continuing the shop by himself. Without hesitation, Liederick traveled back to Mordentshire, and did a bid on the shop. He allowed Eric to stay as the print shop’s manager, while he took the coordination of the map printing in hand.

Liederick only rarely returned to Il Aluk, and when the city was destroyed, he found himself the only surviving board member. By that time, however, something entirely different had drawn his interest. Love had entered his life.

Current Sketch

Now, several years after the disaster in Il Aluk, Liederick heads the Mordent Cartographic Society. He is reluctant in his role as a leader, but sees it has his responsibility to continue the society.

However, most of his attention nowadays is directed at a young woman with which he has been totally smitten. When he left Mordentshire-at-the-Sea, young Gennifer Weathermay was only a six-year old kid. When he returned years later, what he found was a young woman. Stubborn, strong willed, and attractive, Gennifer immediately struck a spark in Liederick’s heart. It is unfortunate for him that she never noticed this. Liederick has over the years become a good friend of the Weathermay twins, but he has never managed to bring his true feelings into words. He is afraid of being ridiculed by the young woman, who is almost ten years younger than he is. On the other side, he simply does not know of Gennifer’s feelings. While she seems to like him, he would not be able to stand it were she unable of loving him. In the meantime, he has become totally blind to Laurie, who hides her affection for him in a gruff demeanor.

Recently, the two have grown closer, as the sisters have undertaken the reprint of the famous van Richten guides. Liederick is, however, afraid of the twins’ fascination with van Richten. Several times, they have set out to do research for his works or investigate rumors of his survival. Next time, he plans to go with them.


Liederick is torn between his duty to the society and his love for Gennifer. His refusal to act upon certain requests by the sisters have, at times, alienated him from them, and has in the past brought him in opposition of George Weathermay and Rudolph van Richten.

He also has a streak of jealousy, especially concerning Alanik Ray, who functions as the sisters’ mentor now that van Richten is gone. He tries to hide his feelings from others, but the thought of another man in Gennifer’s life drives him crazy.

Otherwise, Liederick is a pleasant man. He is polite and friendly, and is able to set aside differences in order to help someone. Though he is used to keep a distance, and does not like to interfere in local affairs, his affection with the twins has eroded that stance a bit. As such, he has slowly changed from Neutral to Neutral Good, and an appeal to his moral senses may overcome his desire to stay impartial.


Liederick is a self-made psionicist, but most of his powers are either defensive or informative. He also does not like to use them. Only a few people in the society know the extent of his powers, and most, including the Weathermay sisters, are not even aware that he has any.

As such, he generally prefers to use his pistol or cane in combat, or to depend on other forces. If forced to retreat, he uses his dimension door ability to get out. He will, however, never retreat if this would endanger Gennifer or Laurie.

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