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Canon Information

Located in the Black Bay of Sunderheart, the muddy Farm Islands comprise a small archipelago nearer to the Mists than most of Sunderheart. The farmers that reside there face greater danger from Mist-spawned horrors but are visited lest often by the barges of the undead from the Tomb City. What farms are there provide plenty, even if the livestock and crops are malformed stunted, for the Farm Islands' people. Still, there is never enough for the people of the Living City.[1]


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Part of The Hub


Amongst the dozens of islands in the cold bay of Sunderheart, there are seven known as the farm islands. Some are large, some are small. The few who live there do what they can to farm the land for crops, most of which are sold in the capitol. All islands recognize the authority of the Lady Ivania Dreygu. Her winged undead are sometimes seen in the sky as reminders.


Language & Culture

Most of the inhabitants of the farm islands speak Low Mordentish, while those with older ties to the domain speak the language of Nerath.

While travel between the islands can be difficult, there is still a good amount of interaction between them. Geography, trade, and a fear of Sunderheart have united the people of these islands as a single culture, and their small villages now have long histories together.

Every year the inhabitants the seven farm islands travel to Ivania's Island for a three-day festival celebrating the harvest and the gods. Most of the inhabitants of the island of Ban do not attend, as they worship a different god. The annual festival includes a sacrifice.