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The Ildi'Thaan is a fictional secret society within the Ravenloft Campaign Setting of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. It is headquartered at Irkat Thaan in Immol. Allegedly founded by the sole person to venture out of Bluetspur with their mind intact a century after the 13 original survivors of the Thaan escaped into Immol, the Ildi'Thaan seek to recover the Thirteen Texts of Thaan, a collection of tomes that, when united, will supposedly grant the knowledge and power of the Thaani. (This includes the power to conquer the mind flayers of Bluestpur).[1]

The members wish to draw upon the power of the mind through earnest discipline and ardent effort. They shun magic (thus no wizards) and mystical tricks (thus no true psionicists). As such, those with psionic talent have wild talents in 2nd Edition rules. Despite this, members of the group are often quite mercenary, motivated to perform dark acts if their greed is satisfied enough. There are two ranks of power among the Ildi'Thaan, the echelon, those who with wild talents, and the hopeful, those who do not but seek to. Although theoretically equal, in practice the echelon are given more privilege and authority. They are the only ones allowed to visit Irkat Thaan.[2]

Although their headquarters is located somewhere near Immol, members can be found elsewhere in Barovia and in Kartakass. At least one dwells within Toyalis, a city in Hazlan.[3]


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Forbidden Lore:Cryptic Allegiances - pp13-16

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