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Culture Level A highly alien form of Dark Age (5)[1]
Ecology Sparse[2]
Climate & Terrain Temperate hills, plains, mountains[2]
Year Formed 581 BC[3][4]
Population Unknown
Races (%) illithid, human[1]
Languages illithid, Thaani
Ruler(s) The God Brain[1]
Darklord(s) The God Brain[1]
Nationality Bluetspurean
Analog Lovecraftian Mythos
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Bluetspur (from the German word "Blutspur" - "blood trail") is a Lovecraftian Island of Terror domain, a bleak, and blasted wasteland with no life on its surface.[1] (Prior to the Grand Conjunction, it was part of the Core). It is subject to a "nightly" electrical storms of the upmost violence, symbolic of electrically supercharged brain trapped at its very heart.[5]

Deep within the ground, massive cities of insane architecture sprawl in all directions, teeming with tortured slaves and their masters; the hideous, unspeakably inhuman illithids (known as "mind flayers" for their powerful psionic talents and their hunger for brains). Prodded by their insane ruler, the Illithid God-Brain, these twisted beings perform heinous feat of biomancy, bio-engineering experiments for the purpose of creating a superior slave race as well as for even darker ends.[6]


  • chuulSpeculation.png The chuul is quite possibly native to Bluetspur. It is known to exist within Hazlan in the Felgmøsge ("Mistmoss River"). The Felgmøsge, however, poured out of Bluetspur until the Great Upheaval in 740 BC.


Little to none, fungi being the notable exception[1]


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