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The Core is the largest known cluster of domains, and is considered to be the "mainland" of the Domains of Dread and also contains the Sea of Sorrows and the Nocturnal Sea. These are most of the original, canon domains from early in the game setting.

This category contains all the domains that are currently in this area. (Domains moved from the Core in The Grand Conjunction should be in their new categories).

Canon Domains of the Core By Region

The Mainland

The Northern Core

The Southern Core

Seas of the Core

Note that the two seas of the Core are domains in and of themselves, each with their own darklord. However, many of the islands within the seas have their own darklords. Unlike the pocket domains in the mainland (the House of Lament and Castle Island), theses island domains are not considered pocket domains.

The Nocturnal Sea

(Note that Graben Island and Todstein are all part of the domain of the Nocturnal Sea.)

The Sea of Sorrows

Map of the Core

Map of the Core, by Jester of the FoS

The Core's Development from 351 BC to 730 BC

The following image shows the addition of each of the core domains in order.


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Core, The Core