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Culture Level Dark Age to Chivalric
Ecology Full
Climate & Terrain Temperate forest, hill, plain, swamp
Year Formed 579 BC
Population ~120,000
Races (%) Humans 75%, Halflings 14%, Gnomes 5%, Elves 3%, Half-Elves 1%, Dwarves 1%, Other 1%
Languages Darkonese, Halfling, Gnome, Elven, Dwarven, Falkovnian, Lamordian, Mordentish, Tepestani, Vaasi
Religions The Eternal Order, Ezra, the Faith of the Overseer
Government Feudal monarchy
Ruler(s) Azalin Rex
Darklord(s) Azalin Rex
Nationality Darkonian
Analog European High Fantasy; USA
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Emergence and Azalin

A feudal fantasy nation ruled over by the lich-king Azalin Rex, Darkon is the largest domain in Ravenloft. Physically, it takes up the northern third of the main continent, the Core, and its population easily exceeds that of any other single domain. Politically, Darkon is stable but not very influential, with its various nobles kept in check by Azalin's machinations.

In a real sense, Darkon's history is Azalin's history. After being driven out of his original homeland and finding himself in Ravenloft, Azal'Lan (originally a title meaning simply "Wizard King") was briefly befriended by Strahd von Zarovich, the darklord of Barovia. They were experimenting with a few magic spells to help each other escape until eventually Azalin gave up, and wandered into Darkon. After leaving, Azalin found himself the master of a sprawling domain that reflected his cruelty, his obsession with order, his cunning, and his greatest frustration: the inability to learn new magic.

Due to Azalin's desire for unswerving loyalty, Darkon has the most obvious and unique curse in Ravenloft. After spending from one to three months within its borders, anyone not native to Darkon loses all memory of their original homeland, instead believing themselves to have always lived in Darkon. Additionally, they lose all personal desire to leave the country, though some do so anyway out of necessity or circumstance. The memories include a whole new life history and victim often adopt gravestones at the local cemeteries as graves of their ancestors. The lost memories return upon leaving the domain. In From the Shadows, it is shown that their memories are magically recorded in a book in a library in Avernus.

This feature leads some to believe that Darkon is an unsuitable realm for an outsiders-based campaign. Some players have experimented with campaigns of rediscovery, where the players have no clue as to their "real" histories but can discover them through investigation. (Inspired by the movie Memento and the video game Planescape: Torment.)

Some possible workarounds exist, but these involve doctoring the books in the library. As a plot device, it is possible that Azalin may bargain with powerful outsiders to restore their memories in exchange for a service. For low-level characters, another potential plot device is to have a "finder's agency" investigate their lost memories, which could uncover many events in neighboring Ravenloft domains. Also, the aimless vulnerability of individuals newly mind-wiped lends itself to interesting slavery or gang-related plots.

Azalin's desire to escape Ravenloft led to the disastrous Grand Conjunction in 740 Barovian Calendar, nearly destroying the Demiplane of Dread. His next escape attempt resulted in the equally catastrophic Requiem, destroying his physical form and turning the capital city of Darkon, Il Aluk, into a city of the undead, now called Necropolis. For the five years of Azalin's disappearance, Darkon itself was known as Necropolis due to the influence of that city's darklord, Death. Azalin was restored to his body and his throne in time, and now plots a third escape attempt, the details of which are unknown.

Darkon is one of the few domains of Ravenloft to accept demihumans such as elves and dwarves as equal citizens, and one of the few to embrace arcane magic openly. Darkon is often considered decadent by its neighbors, appropriate enough as Azalin encourages his citizens to debase themselves as a means of salving his own ego.

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Darkon map by the MCS. Note: Since this fan-made map predates 3rd Edition Ravenloft, there are some inconsistencies with the more recent maps.



Mountains & Hills









The Shadow Rift



Sea of Sorrows

Misty Border

Nocturnal Sea

Nova Vaasa

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Information Gathering

Military Footing

  • Any corpse in the land may rise to fight at the command of Azalin Rex.


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This page incorporates content from the inactive Mordent Cartographic Society. Used with their express permission. 200px-Reinel compass rose.svg.png


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